Orange Beach Alabama

Alabama Gulf Coast Spring Break Activities in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Now is the time to start planning your 2012 Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Alabama Spring Break. With warmer weather on the horizon this Spring, families with kids and college students will certainly be flocking to the beautiful beaches of Alabama. The winter has been cold and everyone needs a Spring Break from it. The Alabama Gulf Coast offers you a chance to take a break from school and come enjoy a warm climate.

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama offers a wonderful opportunity for those of you who live as far west as Dallas, Texas to enjoy a short drive to Gulf Shores where the crowds are moderate and the activites are great. Many of you did not know it, but it takes the same amount of time to drive from Dallas to Gulf Shores as it does from Dallas to Corpus Christi. For those of you who live in the northern and midwestern states, the drive is only a few hours further. Bet you did not know that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama is a top Spring Break destination for those who live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri,Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Thats right, more college students and school age kids and families come to the Alabama Gulf Coast for Spring Break.

Fishing Charters during Spring Break 2012 in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach


With warming temperatures during the Alabama Spring Break 2012, fishing is getting better. There are a lot of anglers that are looking for outdoor activities in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. For those of you who want to wet a hook and catch a fish, you have come to the right vacation destination.

Orange Beach is where most of the fishing takes place during Spring Break. It's close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico waters means you do more fishing and less riding. The best type of fishing you can do on Spring Break in Gulf Shores is to go deep sea fishing or inshore fishing. Both of these fishing activities offer a chance for everyone to catch a fish.

You may decide to charter a big boat and go on a 4 hour trolling trip or a 6 hour deep sea fishing charter. On these economical 4 hour fishing trips, you can troll close to shore and catch Bull Redfish, Spanish Mackerel or Jack Crevalle. You may decide to head offshore on a 6 hour charter. On these 6 hour fishing trips, you can catch Vermilion Snapper, Triggerfish, Amberjack, Grouper and the elusive Red Snapper. Some of these fish will be in season and others will not. You certainly can have a great time catching fish like they are going out of style.

Inshore fishing during Spring Break in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is a lot of fun. There are a lot of people who enjoy catching Sheepshead and Redfish out by the jetties. If you really want to have a blast, you need to go on a Speckled Trout fishing trip with an inshore fishing charter.

Either way, you can really enjoy going fishing during your Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Spring Break on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.